API & Webhook

Keeping the platform open and extensible.


The Meya API provides external access to bot resources and services, making the platform open and extensible. The API uses REST when applicable for resources such as /users and /db and uses custom service endpoints such as /receive and /broadcast.


  • Integration into existing software backend
  • Custom app integration
  • Synchronizing data between systems
  • Advanced operational workflows

Key features

  • Send, receive, broadcast messages
  • Control your bot: pause, unpause, start flow
  • RESTful API to user db
  • Store general object data
  • Subscribe to webhook at a custom URL

How to start?

Sign up for a Meya account. Sign up for API & Webhook. Build your bot!

Who's it for?

Developers with advanced use-cases or people who want to build their own messaging integration.

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