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Driving conversations that improve meaningful relationships with customers.

Meya makes it easy to build and host your bots that live inside Facebook Messenger. Messenger is the most popular messaging app for bots and Meya has processed more millions of messages through its system. Meya allows you to take full advantage of Messenger's extensive features like persistent menus, plugins and webviews without having to think about implementation outside of your bot's user experience.

Use Cases

  • Brand engagement bots
  • Tier 1 customer service
  • News bots with daily digests
  • Bot-first startups
  • Book appointments
  • Order taking and order updates


  • Full card UI support including buttons, video, quick replies, webviews and more
  • Account linking, typing indicators, persistent menus and payments
  • Trigger flows from Messenger checkbox plugin
  • Referral codes to trigger flows
  • Automatically collect user profile data
  • Greeting text and Get Started button

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