Competing Conversations

QuickBooks vs. Wave Accounting

Zoran Slamkov
 on February 25, 2021

We're taking a look at one of the essential features of a great bot — discovery. When we talk about bot discovery, we're looking at how a user can figure out what a bot can do without you needing to share a full instruction manual. 

Today, our Competing Conversation guests are two of the most widely used accounting software services on the market, QuickBooks and Wave Accounting. There are two areas of bot discovery that we're focusing on in this head-to-head match-up. We'll first look at how the user discovers the bot and begins interacting with it and then how the bot's conversational design provides options and context to the user.

Both the QuickBooks and Wave Accounting bots start their conversation flows by presenting button options to the user. It's one of the everyday bot experiences that customers expect today, and both apps do a great job of getting the user into the conversation flow with ease. 

We were also impressed with the conversational design of both bots. QuickBooks and Wave Accounting recognize the golden rule of bot design — it's not about minimizing the time spent with a bot. It's making sure your bot is presenting the potential answers in the most natural way possible.

Check out the video to see our tale of the tape on these bots.

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