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Meet the Meya conversation platform

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The Grid

The brains of the operation

The Grid is your fully managed, cloud-hosted backend. Program the Grid to control all aspects of your conversational app. Write code in familiar languages like Python, Typescript and YAML and integrate into your existing developer toolchain.

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The Orb

So much more than just a chatbot

Explore the customer-facing applications of Meya. Fully white-labeled, the Orb mirrors the look and feel of your business for a seamless experience. Write custom conversational flows that are a natural extension of the humans behind your customer support.

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The Console

From design time to run time

Meya's modern, web-based console is the control panel where your team executes from design time to run time. In the console, you can strategize, create and execute on your conversational assistant, conveniently from one place.

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Connect to anything and everything

In a few clicks, connect your conversational app to the tools and systems that your business and customers already use.

  • Messaging apps
  • Social channels
  • CRMs
  • NLU providers
  • Internal APIs
  • Customer service platforms

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A conversational app for any industry

Make CX core to your brand

  • Deliver tailored upsells, based on customer data
  • Answer questions in real time to get those full carts across the finish line
  • Develop deep synergy between your POS and customer support
  • Allow customers to check on the status of their order
  • Automate customer returns with instant RMA

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Professional services

The sky's the limit

Don’t quite have the headcount to execute your ambitious automation vision? No problem—the Meya team can help. From UX research to complex integrations, engineering hours to sharing our best practices, we’re ready to roll up our sleeves.

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Trusted by innovators

Some of the world’s most forward-thinking organizations use Meya to  deliver world-class customer experiences.

Google logo

Google uses Meya for multiple use-cases across multiple channels in multiple languages all over the world. 

Delivery Hero logo

Delivery Hero was able to double their number of driver applications using a Meya bot. The best part? It took half the time, too.

Sony Playstation logo

Over 5 million messages per month go through the Meya Sony Playstation bot for a success rate of over 50% agent deflection.

Aflac logo

Aflac was able to create a seamless human+bot hybrid experience to maximize quotes and reduce agent time for unqualified leads.

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