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Meya's modern, web-based console is the control panel where your team executes from design time to run time. In the console, you can strategize, create and execute on your conversational app, conveniently from one place.

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Accessible code

From no-code to low code to fully programmable. Any stakeholder can contribute.

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1-click integrations

Easily connect your app to any number of popular 3rd party integrations in seconds.

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Built-in simulator

An orb-based simulator is directly built into the console, making it easy to build, test and iterate.

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Customer 360°

See how your app is actually getting used via reporting, user database and transcripts.

Secure event logs

Analyze and debug real-time event logs. Logs are encrypted and sensitive data is redacted to maintain your user's privacy.

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Built for teams

The console comes with enterprise-grade identity and access management (IAM). Get full transparency and control for your team structure.

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For executives

Meet your business objectives

The console gives you insights into your conversational app usage patterns. From high level charts to deep dives into user transcripts. The opposite of a black box.

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For developers

Purpose-built tooling

The web console has everything your development team needs to build, test, deploy and debug your conversational app. Built by engineers for engineers.

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For designers

Create incredible UX

Test against a built-in simulator using a rich UI toolkit of interactive cards. When combined with BFML or drag-and-drop flow editing, you can quickly put together functional prototypes and test user interactions in real-time.

Integration list from the console
For customer ops

Integrate with your tools

Connect your conversational app to a growing list of popular sales, marketing and customer tools. The console makes it easy without writing any code. With a few clicks your bot can be deeply integrated with all the tools you need.

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