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Meya has built a platform that allows you to build anything you need for your customers. We've started from the ground up so you don't have to. By creating a fully programmable platform, you'll be able to deliver your unique vision without sacrificing on experience.

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The Meya partner program allows you to grow and scale. We become an extension of your team and make sure you're always getting the latest tech and features.

How we work together

  • Conversational UX best practices
  • Training on the Meya platform
  • Pre-made templates
  • Discounted production apps

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Trusted by innovators

Some of the world’s most forward-thinking organizations use Meya to  deliver world-class customer experiences.

Google logo

Google uses Meya for multiple use-cases across multiple channels in multiple languages all over the world. 

ESPN logo

ESPN uses Meya to augment their customer support for various online initiatives like the NCAA Tournament Challenge, Fantasy Football, Fantasy Baseball and more.

Sony Playstation logo

Over 5 million messages per month go through the Meya Sony Playstation bot for a success rate of over 50% agent deflection.

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Inside Weather allows you to buy modern custom furniture made in the USA and uses Meya to support their customers through the entire buying journey.

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