Meya’s super-powered backend, Grid is a robust operating system that gives engineers everything they need to build a custom conversational app.

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Why Grid?

A better way to automate

Grid is built by engineers, for engineers. Every part of the system is robust, programmable and incredibly intuitive.

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Connect to anything

Experience deep native integrations with your existing CX toolchain.

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Lightning fast

Even the most complex event roundtrips will take less than 100 ms.

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Fully programmable

The Grid works out of the box, so you can build a conversational app as simple or as complex as you need.

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Keep everything connected

Integrate seamlessly with your existing business processes.

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A seamless programming experience

Use familiar languages like Python, Typescript and YAML to code Grid functionality. Our proprietary bot language based on YAML, called BFML (Bot Flow Markup Language), is our real secret sauce. With BFML, build a conversational app capable of responding to nuanced events.

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Multiple hosting options

We can work with you to determine how we host Grid, depending on your company’s specific compliance needs.

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Professional services

Not sure where to start? No problem. Explore our professional services and allow Meya to get you where you need to go—faster and more efficiently.

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