Customizing the Meya Orb chat launcher

Alex Kinsella
 on December 9, 2020

You can find a chat launcher on almost every website you visit these days. Whether the chat is connected to a human agent or a bot, you want your customers to know you’re there to answer their questions. Having a chat launcher that matches your brand and presents a strong and clear call to action are important. 

We love the Orb launcher, that glowing purple ball in the bottom left corner, but your customers come to your website for a bunch of different reasons. This is why we decided to make the Orb launcher easily customized to match your brand and also tailored to why your customer visits your site. In today’s feature spotlight, let’s take a look customizing your Meya Orb launcher.

There are three options for customizing your Orb launcher: color, text, and icon.

1launcher: {
2        type: "message",
3        icon: "streamline-light/37-science/04-space exploration/space-rocket.svg",
4        text: "Blast off!",
5        }

Customizing the Orb call to action

Your customers visit your website for customer support, to track packages, or come to you with questions on billing. The call to action on the Orb launcher can be customized by including the Orb launcher config setting’s text field:

1text: "Blast off!"

Changing Orb launcher color

Your brand distinguishes you from your competitors. Having your chat launcher be inline with your brand guide helps build trust with your website visitors. The Orb launcher supports one color using a hexcode from your brand guide:

1theme: {"brandColor":"#000"}

Changing the Orb launcher icon

Matching the Orb launcher to your brand can be more than just the color. The Orb launcher supports any of the icons available in the Light, Regular, or Bold collection from Streamline icons. That's over 30,000 icons to choose from! Getting the path for the icon is easy and we have the steps available in our documentation.

1icon: "streamline-light/37-science/04-space exploration/space-rocket.svg"

You can try out the Orb launcher customizations in our Codepen demo and let us know if you have questions by clicking our Orb launcher to the right.

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