Bringing all your channels together with Front + Meya

Alex Kinsella
 on November 9, 2020

In our latest release, Meya v2.4, we completely rebuilt one of our most used integrations—the Front customer communication platform.

Front gives businesses a unified inbox for their teams. While email and phone support continue to be important channels for support, chat is increasingly becoming the preferred channel to get in contact with businesses. HubSpot reported that 40% of shoppers don’t have a preference for an AI-powered bot or a human agent, as long as their question gets answered.

This is where the beauty of the Meya and Front integration starts to shine. Here are two ways that Front and Meya work together to give your customer experience team superpowers.

Tier 1 customer service and FAQs

Bots powered by Meya Orb can answer your tier 1 support questions. This could be anything from shipping information to store hours. Coding the interactions is as straightforward as:

2  - integration: integration.dialogflow
3    intent: hours
4    expect: dialogflow
6  - say: We're open from 10am - 7pm

This will answer anytime your customer asks about your opening hours, however which way they've asked it 💪🏽.

Workflow automation

Whether it’s a workflow to get an insurance quote or getting customer information to prep your human agent, Meya bots can help automate your existing workflows. This can help to reduce the amount of time your human agents spend on a call.

Here’s how easy it is to request customer information with a Front and Meya bot integration:

2  - integration: integration.dialogflow
3    intent: human
4    expect: dialogflow
6  - if:(
7    then:
8      jump: escalate
9    else: next
10ask: What’s your name?
11user_set: name
12say: Nice to meet you, (!
14  - (escalate)
15  - say: One moment while I find someone to help…
16  - type: meya.front.component.conversation.update
17    integration: integration.front

Front and Meya in real life (with a special guest appearance)

We put together a demo of Front with a Meya bot, with Meya's Orb on the frontend—plus, we’ve added an SMS experience powered by our Twilio integration.

Meya is an advanced platform, but for the demo, we’re keeping it simple to showcase the human agent and bot interactions that are possible. Notice the bot conversations being captured in Front in realtime. Note: you can also turn this feature off and have the bot conversations come in as transcripts later or not at all.

There are times where bots can't handle everything and you need to switch to a human agent. In the demo, the agent takes over the chat and can reply to the customer. Notice the avatar and name change so the customer knows they’re speaking to a human agent. Once that switch occurs, the bot stays inactive until the agent reactivates it.

Now for our special guest appearance - we're using our Twilio integration for an SMS experience - using the same bot..The customer can interact with the bot or the agent and the conversations will all come into the Front inbox. 

This is the power of automating with Meya. It’s one bot powering two different channels—all managed centrally within Front.

Here’s a video of the full demo:

Click the Meya Orb to your right to chat with us today about the Front integration or any of our other dozens of integrations available.

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