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Webull Financial and Twilio Voice

Zoran Slamkov
 on February 4, 2021

Hot take: your customers should not be treated equally.

intelligent customer routing

When you're a fast-scaling B2C business, it's almost impossible to determine in real-time which customers deserve your white-glove customer service and which customer's don't.

In an ideal world, the below would be true:

  • Online store: You know which customer was about to make a large purchase before they had made the purchase;
  • Telco: You know which customer was about to add-on a new product to their account before they added it on;
  • Fintech: You know which customer was about to transfer large sums of money into your platform before they make that transfer.

And if this was true – what could you do?

Webull Financial

In the video, we take a look at Webull Financial. They're a trading platform that offers commission-free trading of stocks, ETFs, and options. Over the last week they have seen a dramatic and unexpected influx of traffic due to 'meme' stocks like GameStop and AMC becoming viral.

From a customer service perspective, this can be quite anxiety-inducing. It's hard to tell which new user is about to transfer $500 or $500,000 into their Webull account. The challenge is using your agents intelligently to target high-value user's without sacrificing your service to everyday users.

We've designed a customer journey for a typical everyday user using Meya Orb and the Twilio Programmable Voice API. The journey is determined by the transfer amount they've shared with the virtual assistant. The conversation is omnichannel and personalized, requiring no human input but still delivering a multi-touch experience. This let's you build loyalty fast and for less the price of a can of soup – driving your CAC down dramatically.

While saving time and money on everyday users, you can now deploy your agents to manage high-value users, by engaging high touch tactics such as live chat to guide them over the finish line. Learn more about Meya's Twilio integration here.

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