Actions on Google

Deploy your cognitive app to Google Assistant to reach 400M+ devices.

How Meya integrates with Actions on Google

Meya makes it easy to build and host your cognitive apps that live on Google Assistant. Google Assistant reaches 400m+ users and enables both text and voice conversations.

Meya allows you to take full advantage of Action on Google's extensive features like Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML), triggering your bot with a specific action, and input biasing, without having to think about implementation outside of your bot's user experience.


  • Brand engagement bots
  • Bot-first startups
  • Book appointments
  • Order taking and order updates
  • Shopping lists
  • Financial market information
  • Diagnose symptoms
  • Style recommendations

Key features

  • Trigger a specific flow with a keyword or natural language intent
  • Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML)
  • Input biasing through Bot CMS to separate homophones such as "hi" and "high"
  • Define response for messages with no matching intent
  • Actions on Google app directory

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How to start?

Sign up for a Meya account. Sign up for Actions on Google. Build your bot!

Who's it for?

Customers who want to enable voice conversations accessible on any device with Google Assistant.

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