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Meya Sensitive Data

Protect sensitive user data and conversations with built-in Meya encryption.

Meya's Sensitive Data integration gives you fine-grained control over what data is encrypted and who is allowed to decrypt it. To learn more about how Meya protects user data, check out the Sensitive Data docs.

Check out the docs


  • Collecting personal information
  • Protecting chats between a user and an agent where sensitive information or media might be exchanged


  • Automatically encrypt and decrypt sensitive user data
  • Limit access to sensitive data in the Meya Console to privileged team members
  • Automatically encrypt all media (e.g. images, files)
  • Automatically encrypt HTTP and WebSocket data (e.g. to protect auth tokens)
  • Expire sensitive data after 24 hours
  • New data scopes for accessing sensitive data in its encrypted or redacted form
  • New Jinja2 filters to encrypt, decrypt, and redact sensitive data
  • New Python encrypt and decrypt APIs

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