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Meya provides the tools, interfaces, APIs, and workflows that a developer needs to build an amazing cognitive app.

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Code with Confidence

Build a highly sophisticated bot or cognitive application without wasting time on the basics. Meya’s cognitive framework contains everything you need to make amazing cognitive apps including a flow and code editor, test chat, live debugger, and visualizer.

Integrate into your toolchain

Use the Meya IDE or work offline. Create and deploy cognitive apps from the command line, and use your favorite text editor for BFML and Python.

Beyond simple use cases

The sky is no longer the limit. No matter how infeasible your use case seems, our extensible tools are designed to make it happen.

Build with your team

Collaborate with technical and non-technical colleagues, commit or sync to GitHub, and edit copy without changing the code.

Handle any complex use case

From bots to intelligent assistants and the internet of things, our framework is designed to handle anything. Maximize each user’s experience through accurate context and data.

Intents, flows and components
Simple building blocks are combined together to optimze any of your business processes. Use our built-in components or build your own in python.
Cloud Computing
Connect directly to your business backend to send and receive data. Gather unique insight into your customers and keep them engaged with your business.
API & Webhooks
Create a closed loop around your user through our API and webhooks. Personalize each conversation through an undersanding of each user’s unique context.

Connect Everything

Create one cognitive app and deploy it everywhere. We’ve built integrations to popular channels so that you don’t have to. Learn more about our integrations.

Voice integrations

Cognitive apps are no longer limited to text messages. Leverage Amazon and Google technology to have real conversations with your customers.

Customer service integrations

Create a human-cognitive app collaboration to triage and route requests based on sentiment and context.

Messaging integrations

One click to deploy your cognitive app to Messenger, Twitter, Slack, Kik, Telegram, Twilio, and more. Meet your customers where they are and on their terms.

CRM integrations

Generate leads and automatically log them in your CRM. Provide your sales team with context including the conversation history and the conversion path.

Build more in less time

Get to market faster and stay at the forefront of the cognitive revolution. Unlock each developer’s potential with cutting edge technology.

Everything you need

Cognitive framework
Our framework makes language processing and creating conversational user experiences easy.
Bot hosting
You focus on the design and experience, and we’ll take care of the hosting, scaling, and the rest.
Troubleshoot your code through deep insight into every event, including sending and receiving messages, intent processing, and more.
Know how users interact with your app. Easily connect to Chatbase, Google Analytics, Segment, and more.
Cognitive app studio
Our fully featured studio enhances your building through flow visualization and test chat. Use our built-in components or build your own.
API access
Connect to your business backend to get and store the data you need. Create dynamic conversations through a full undersanding of context.

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