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Deliver a deeply human experience at scale

When it comes to CX solutions solved with a conversational app, the possibilities are endless. Create unique experiences that proactively help customers solve their own problems, fall in love with your brand, and so much more.

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Explore all the ways Meya can help your industry

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Reimagine the digital shopping experience—create conversational flows for assisted sales and deliver tailored support that embeds directly into your site.

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Internet services

Keep up with the demands of a growing and scaling company without burning out your employees or burning bridges with your customers. Build customer support directly into your product for a seamless, branded experience.

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Financial & Insurance

When you're handling money, the stakes are high. Meya helps you deliver personalized CX experiences wrapped up in a privacy and security-conscious package.

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As a customer, there is nothing worse than getting stock on hold or puzzling through complex robotic automations when you just need answers. Transform customer support flows from a pain into a pleasure.

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Consumer products

Help your customers discover the perfect product for their needs, guide them across the finish line and mitigate any bumps along the road.

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Trusted by innovators

Some of the world’s most forward-thinking organizations use Meya to  deliver world-class customer experiences.

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Google uses Meya for multiple use-cases across multiple channels in multiple languages all over the world. 

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Delivery Hero was able to double their number of driver applications using a Meya bot. The best part? It took half the time, too.

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Over 5 million messages per month go through the Meya Sony Playstation bot for a success rate of over 50% agent deflection.

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Aflac was able to create a seamless human+bot hybrid experience to maximize quotes and reduce agent time for unqualified leads.

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