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Vegemite and Meya Orb

Zoran Slamkov
 on February 16, 2021

Efficiency and personality aren't mutually exclusive. A resourceful conversational assistant can deliver speedy customer service and help make an emotional connection between your customers and your brand.

As more businesses understand the role of a conversational designer, it's important to know how to strike the right balance between art and science. We're only now starting to appreciate the complexity in answering some of the most basic questions:

  • What are the intended use-cases?
  • What is the shortest path to satisfy this use-case?
  • Do I allow users to communicate with the bot through natural language, buttons, or a hybrid of the two?
  • How do I make sure our brand voice is embedded in our text copy?
  • Which customer data platform's do we use and how could this data enrich the user experience?
  • How do we create an experience that is worth revisiting?

So businesses just need to find someone who is a savvy writer, process analyst, UX designer, and solutions engineer. Easy right?

In practice, entire conversational teams will evolve to be multi-disciplinary and collaborative. They'll take their disparate skillsets and work together to create immersive customer journeys that lead with intent.

Vegemite Workflow

In the below video, we walk you through one of the most neglected aspects of conversational design–personality. While being clear and concise is critical to a great user experience, if you've built a bot around a growth objective (i.e. selling more product), then making sure the experience is engaging and memorable will lead to a higher probability of repeat usage.

This bot is built and designed with Meya and Front.

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