Engagement Cloud CPaaS

One API, many messaging channels

How Meya integrates with Engagement Cloud CPaaS

Connect your Meya bot to the Engagement Cloud ‘One API’ and communicate across multiple messaging channels though a single integration.

Use Case

•    Improve customer support

•    Generate more sales

•    Improve onboarding

•    Communicate with customers on the channel of their choice

•    Optimise business processes

Key Features

•    Respond to messages from any channel though a single integration

•    Unify message conversations into a single message thread

•    Subscribe to the events relevant to you with powerful webhooks

•    Get detailed reporting

How to start?

Sign up for a Meya account. Sign up for Engagement Cloud CPaaS. Build your bot!

Who's it for?

Customers who want to integrate a bot into their web or customer service experience.

Ready to get started?

Sign up for a 14-day free trial and start building your bot today!

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