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Delivering customer support for Inside Weather that’s as personalized as their furniture


Behind Inside Weather’s mission to deliver affordable, tailor-made pieces online is an unwavering customer-centric philosophy that puts furniture seekers in the captain’s seat. Using Meya, they’re taking that focus to the next level, ensuring customers have fast, reliable support on their journey to furniture that fits their life.

The number of inbound customer support cases has decreased and feedback from customers has been very positive. They love being able to get help and feedback ASAP rather than just submitting an email.

- Jessica Sutton, Senior Project Manager, Inside Weather

Delivering furniture – and support – just the way customers like it

You know that feeling you get when you can’t wait for your new furniture to arrive? Inside Weather does – and they wanted to maximize that excitement all throughout the journey. 

The small and growing San Francisco-based company knew their offering of custom-designed pieces at a fraction of the price would only be competitive if they had easy, enjoyable CX to back it up.

That’s when they turned to Meya. By designing their own conversational flows based on common email drivers, Inside Weather is now using an intelligent bot to provide fast, effective, personalized support through chat. And customers are taking notice.


The online retailer wanted to connect customers to all the information they need throughout the process, from pre-purchase to order status and everything in between, without having to wait for help from an agent.

Slashing support tickets with improved order status flow

Using Meya, the team’s primary goal was to give customers access to as much personalized information as possible tailored to their specific needs without having to talk to an agent. Whether they had product questions or wanted to check an order’s status, Inside Weather sought to deliver fast, friendly answers on demand.

For interactions requiring an agent, such as returns or design consultations, the bot needed to be able to speed resolutions by capturing all customer details in the initial chat – everything from verifying identity to uploading photos to collecting order details down to the line item.

By designing conversational flows on the Meya platform, Inside Weather was able to deliver on all these needs and more, driving an almost immediate 25% decrease in labor-intensive customer support tickets and a noticeable improvement in customer satisfaction.

The biggest factor in the shift? A significant reduction in order status questions. Since customers could use the chat to access details about their pending order right away, the need to talk to a human agent dropped off drastically.


Using Meya, Inside Weather designed their own conversational flows and launched their bot in just six weeks for an improved process that quickly reduced inbound support tickets and boosted customer satisfaction.

Easy conversational design for a small-but-mighty team

As a busy, on-demand retailer, Inside Weather knows what it means to be nimble. The team needed easy-to-implement conversational design with rapid time to value.

Collaborating with Meya along the way, they designed and implemented an intelligent bot using in-house resources to quickly improve customer support. Rather than tackling every use case at once, they focused on high-touch interactions like order statuses, returns and changes, as well as internal flows to help the customer service team work smarter and faster.

“We loved the ease of onboarding and were really impressed with the support we received from Meya, especially during the initial setup.”

- Jessica Sutton, Senior Project Manager, Inside Weather

Having that first implementation in place has allowed Inside Weather to see quick ROI, while giving the bot – and the team – the chance to learn as they go. Now that the solution is up and running, they’ll continue building on the bot’s strengths and adding new flows to address gaps.

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