Add a bot to your support team to answer FAQs.

How Meya integrates with Intercom

Your bot will listen to all incoming messages as part of your Intercom team and respond when it knows how to answer. The bot can be paused and unpaused on conversation assignment.


  • Tier 1 customer service and FAQs
  • Aggregate messaging channels
  • Workflow automation

Key features

  • Integrates in to Intercom live chat
  • Connect Intercom to messaging channels (Messenger, Slack, Telegram, etc.)
  • Automatically assign conversations to agents
  • Create notes to provide context to the human agent
  • Bot pausing/unpausing on assignment
  • Respond as a human agent
  • Works well with Intercom assignment rules
  • Slash commands for starting bot flows
  • User profile data syncing

How to start?

Sign up for a Meya account. Sign up for Intercom. Build your bot!

Who's it for?

Intercom customers that want to improve the efficiency of their customer service agents by adding a bot to the team.

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